EMT Intermediate Training Massachusetts (MA)

EMT Intermediate Training

Emergency Medical Technicians Intermediate are EMTs that have undergone training in limited advanced life support practices. The EMT-I certificate and training is seen as a stepping stone to becoming an EMT Paramedic, the highest level achievable. If you are looking for Paramedic specific information then take a look at Paramedic Training in MA.

The state of Massachusetts will allow National Registry certified applicants to apply for licensure through reciprocity Forms and Applications. All EMT Courses that Massachusetts citizens would like to attend, need to be approved in writing.

EMT license Requirements

The following is a list of requirements you will need to satisfy prior to becoming a licensed EMT in the State of Massachusetts:

  • 18 years of age
  • Criminal background check, criminal records may result in rejection; if you have a criminal record it’s best to contact your local EMS Agency before you invest time and money
  • EMT-B certification
  • EMT Intermediate training
  • CPR course certificate
  • Pass EMT-I examinations
  • Valid drivers license not a requisite for an EMT license but may be required for better job prospects

Get EMT Intermediate Training

Find a local approved training facility and register for the EMT Intermediate training. Prior to contacting the training facility you should get proof of immunization and verify with the training facility what other immunizations you will need prior to registering.

It is very important that you only register for an approved training program at a state approved facility, as non-approved courses will not be accepted for an EMT license. For a full list of approved training providers see here: http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/provider/licensing/programs/emt-training-inst/public-health-oems-training-institutions.html

Training programs are usually spread over a 6 month period and cost usually ranges between $1,000 and $2,500.

CPR Certification

EMT Intermediate Training Massachusetts (MA)

A lot of approved training facilities also offer CPR certification courses. It would make sense for an applicant to choose a training facility that does indeed offer both the EMT and CPR training courses.

Upon completion you will receive a certificate that is needed for the state EMT license application.

Examination Requirements

At the start of the training program you will receive the EMT certification application form which must be filled out and returned to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Once your application has been accepted you will be able to register for the practical examination with your training provider, and you will have to pass the exam within 12 months of taking the course. When the practical examination has been passed you will then have to register of the written examination. Note that you have to pass the written exam within 6 months of passing the practical exam.

  1. Cognitive Examination

The cognitive exam covers the entire spectrum of EMS care. This includes ventilation, airways, oxygenation, Trauma, Cardiology, Medical and EMS Operation. The maximum amount of time you will be given to pass this portion of the exam is 2 and half hours.

  1. Psychomotor Examination

The psychomotor examination consists of 12 separate skills laid out in scenario format to approximate the ability of the EMT-P to function in an out-of-hospital setting. The psychomotor exam portion of the paramedic NREMT exam will test your knowledge and competency in each of the following skills: Patient Assessment-Trauma, Cardiac Management Skills, Ventilatory Management, IV and Medication Skills, Pediatric Skills, Oral Station, and Random Basic Skills.

Examination fees are $150 for the practical exam and $40 for the written one, plus a registration fee of $55.

Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check has to be completed in order to successfully apply for an EMT license. Details of how to initiate the background check will be supplied by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and also by your training provider.

Knowing all these steps in advance will greatly help in planning your training and ensuring a quick and efficient process as possible.


  • How do I recertify as an EMT in the State of Massachusetts?

As of  2013 Massachusetts adopted the National Continued Competency Program issued in conjunction with the NREMT. Now Massachusetts EMTs can use a new 24 hour DOT refresher for recertification. Furthermore all of the refreshers (and any continuing education) needs to be state approved prior to participating in order for the credit to count for Massachusetts EMTs recertification. Currently Massachusetts does not accept CAPCE approval.

  • Does Massachusetts require any extra EMT training that EFT does not provide in its course?


  • I failed the NREMT exam 3 times already. Will your 24 Hour Online EMT Refresher allow me to retest with the NREMT?

Yes. Once you pass our 24 Hour EMT Online Refresher course you will have 3 more opportunities at taking the NREMT Exam. The Course is accepted by the NREMT and covers all 24 hours of the Mandatory Core and Content required. To ensure that you pass on your next attempt you can practice for the exam with our test prep site.

  • Will your 36 Hour Online AEMT Refresher allow me to recertify as an Advanced EMT?

To recertify with the National Registry as an AEMT you will need to complete the 36 Hour AEMT Refresher, an additional 36 Continuing Education (CE’s) hours, and have a current CPR Certification. If you are doing this Refresher for State Licensure, please check with your state first to see if they will accept this 36 Hour Online AEMT Refresher that is CAPCE approved and NREMT accepted.

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